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Embrace Your Passion


I grew up in one of the largest cities in Montana, which is not saying much. As a kid, my thoughts were occupied with design everywhere! I dreamed in photos, art, and textures. I uncovered my passion for graphic design in college but my love for photojournalism blossomed during my flagship trip to France in my 20s. From that point on, I was sucked in. I'm always hopeful for the luxury of time in order to dig into a place so I can gain an understanding and an insight into the culture.

Live What You Dream


Tops of mountains, big city back streets and dark passageways are were I get my energy. Photojournalism is my passion and graphic design fills my need for structure and organization. I followed my dream ... I quit my corporate director position and became a freelance graphic designer/photojournalist over 25 years ago. It's been an awesome, amazing journey! I love collaborating with other photojournalists worldwide and experimenting with uncommon perspectives in all things visual.

Be Inspired By Everything


I find graphic design inspiration all around me. I love the places and spaces that most people don't give a second glance. I see graphic patterns in masses of electrical wire which I may turn into a wallpaper design. I'm very attracted to street art and see it's graphic potential for so many design and textile projects. I try to take the time to really look at things and spaces. When I do, I all see beauty everywhere ... in the environment as well as in the people I fall in love with all around the world.


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